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On Rays of Time (detail)
On Rays of Time (detail)
Kiln-formed Glass, Aluminum
21' x 6' x 4'

On Rays of Time

Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center
University of Nebraska
Omaha Nebraska

Amy Westover and Westover Artworks with Aarons International for fabrication and installation. Architecture by HDR Architects and Keiwit Construction.

On Rays of Time was commissioned through the Healing Arts Program at the Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center with the expressed goal of bringing an inspiring, contemplative artwork to a quiet corner of the cancer center.This quiet pocket of space is illuminated by natural sunlight, which peaks through a gap between campus buildings for a few hours in the afternoon. A bright and pleasant atmosphere is created by this dance of sun and architecture. The goal was to draw the sunshine in through the sculpture creating a sense of light and warmth permeating the space even when the sun is not directly there.

Three separate but related “sunbeams” made of cast glass and metal angle through the space from floor to ceiling like sun rays streaming through the windows. The ceiling point from where the beams originate are in alignment with the general direction in which the sun emerges from behind the nearby building, creating an association with the natural world outside.

The glass panels are multi-layered, geometric pieces of colored glass designed to reinforce the feeling of sunlight angling down. Each beam is made in a “V” like form creating a triangular geometry. Additionally, the grouping of three create another triangle and all are echoing the triangular shape of the architectural space. My hope is that the repeating geometry between the glass panels, the overall sculpture and the space creates a sense of integration that feels grounded, purposeful and harmonious.