• Sound of an Era featured in McCall Magazine

    Just a few months before install McCall Magazine runs a thorough article about the public art commission and restoring the steam whistle .Here

  • Historic Mill Whistle for McCall Idaho

    February 2021: McCall City Council approves Westover's public art project utilizing a reclaimed historic steam whistle.

  • Boise Convention Center Commission

    May 2018: Boise Center East is the new addition to the Convention Center in downtown Boise and it's governing body, The District, has commissioned a significant art installation for the new lobby. I am pleased to have been selected for this opportunity to celebrate the vibrant, growing, changing city that is Boise. It is a special honor for me to commemorated the city in which I was born and raised.

  • Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center Commission

    April 2018: I am honored to have received the commission for Site III at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center at the University of Nebraska campus in Ohama Nebraska. Scheduled to be completed in April 2019.

  • Frozen Sun Melted Moon

    July 2017: New work in glass showing at the incredibly beautiful and unique restaurant; State and Lemp in Boise Idaho. The show begins August 2, 2017 and runs thru September 16, 2017. Reservations can be made for the artist reception night, August 23rd and 24th, or any other time by visiting www.stateandlemp.com. The work explores themes of the eclipses, celestial bodies and our relation to cosmological events.

  • Boise WaterShed River Campus

    2014 - 2016: I am honored to be selected as the Lead Artist on the Design Team for the Boise WaterShed River Campus project. Completion is anticipated by late 2016. Watch the video HERE

  • Amy Westover featured on City of Boise Arts Blog

    May 2015: The Boise City Department of Arts and History are undertaking a new blog series focusing on artists in Boise Idaho.
    Creators, Makers & Doers: Amy Westover

  • Virgo on Channel 7 News

    Summer 2014: News channel 7 did a short news clip during the installation of Virgo, a permanent public artwork in Boise Idaho.
    News clip seen HERE

  • 2013 Boise Art Museum's Idaho Triennial

    December 2013:Christopher Schnoor reviews the 2013 Idaho Triennial in a full length Boise Weekly Article.
    Read the full article HERE

  • Honored to be admitted into BAM's 2013 Idaho Triennial

    Every three years Boise Art Museum features an all Idaho Artist Exhibition. 2013 Idaho Triennial

  • December 2011: My work shown in BAM's 75th Anniversary Exhibition

    Collector Driek Zirinski gifted the art museum a sculpture of mine back in 2008; a lithograph printed onto a well used bar of soap. This work is now on display as part of the exhibition "Open To Interpretation" The 75th Anniversary of the Boise Art Museum now through April 15th 2012. You can read more in this article from the Idaho Statesman:HERE

  • Solo Exhibition: Admit One Human

    September 2011: Pete Grady interviews Amy Westover for Admit One Human, a solo exhibition. Full article HERE

  • August 2011: Admit One Human Opens!

    I am so pleased to announce that Admit One Human opens August 5, 2011. A solo show of my work. Please visit the Enso Artspace website for all the details:


  • May 2011: Enso Artspace Opens with a lot of Press!

    The opening of Enso seems to be buzzing with press. Check out the latest review in the Boise Weekly and Scene Magazine:



  • April 2011: Announcing Enso Artspace

    I am pleased to announce that myself and 9 other artists have come together to create our own art gallery in Garden City, Idaho. Enso Artspace will showcase members’ work in a contemporary exhibition setting. All proceeds from the sale of work benefit the individual artists directly. In addition, Enso Artspace hosts art-related events such as lectures, performances and guest exhibitions. We have been hard at work preparing for our inaugural opening which will be held on May 13th. Visit our website ensoartspace.com

    Founding artists are Chris Binion, Cate Brigden, Michael Cordell, Andrea Merrell, Kelly Packer, Lisa Pisano, Christine Raymond, Pamela Swenson, Anna Ura, and Amy Westover. Work is available for viewing during receptions, events and through scheduled appointments.

    Want to get updates about upcoming exhibitions and events? Join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ensoartspace and/or signup for email updates on our website (check the footer) ensoartspace.com.

  • June 2010: Exhibition at Boise Art Museum

    "More than a pretty face" exhibition is on at BAM. I received a commission for two mono-types that are part of the show. It is on until June 13, 2010.

  • May 2010: Modern Art

    Trey McIntyre, Jennifer Wood and myself have collaborated to create the "Modernarium". A peep show, freak show, carnival that you can't miss.
    Come see the TMP dancers as their carnival characters and play our games to win handmade rings!

  • December 2009: Holiday Art Show and Sale

    From December 11-18 2009 I will be having an exhibition of my work in my home studio. We have transformed the space into a gallery! Works shown are from an artist in residency in Wyoming called the Jentel Foundation. Look for an article about the show in Scene magazine which comes out on Friday the 11th.

  • December 2009: More Than A Pretty Face

    A new program from the Boise Art Museum in which they match up local artists with local patrons of the museum and art collectors. There are a series of salons hosted at various homes in which the artists show a piece of work and discuss commissions with patrons. My salon night is Wed. December 2, 2009.

  • May 2009: Modern Art 2009

    Jennifer Wood and I will be creating another site specific installation for the Modern Art event in May 2009. Stop by room 104 and see You Are Now!

  • September 2008 - October 2008

    Spending a month in Wyoming as part of the Jentel Foundation Artist in Residency Program will be a welcomed retreat!

  • August 2008

    Jay and I will be joining Dadara (Daniel Rosenberg) a Dutch artist on the playa at Burningman to help create Checkpoint to Your Dreams. An interactive artwork and faux border patrol crossing in which citizens of Black Rock City are issued a passport to enter their own dream world.

  • May 2008

    The Jokers...myself and Jennifer Wood are finally ready to launch The Deal Project after a year and a half in development! Go to the website for full information, events and how to participate.

  • June 2007

    Featured Artist for the Idaho Arts Quarterly. Read the extensive interview and artist profile by Katy Dang. This is a must read!

  • September 2007

    A great article from United Airlines in-flight magazine Hemispheres featuring Boise. They feature my public art work.

  • November 2007

    NPR news radio program New Horizons in Education with Bob Kustra interviews Karen Bubb and they discuss public art in Boise and some of the artists. To listen: click on Nov 9th with Karen Bubb

  • December 2007

    I was commissioned by St. Alphonsus Hospital to create an entrance public art sculpture. Blue Rising is complete and Katy Dang has written this article for the Boise Weekly.

  • May 2006

    I am in the Materiality exhibition at the J.Crist Gallery. Read the review in the Boise Weekly.

  • August 2006

    A great article highlighting the public arts of Boise.

  • February 2005

    A fun group show at the Basement Gallery

  • November 2004

    8 Naked Minds Exhibition at Classic Design Studios. Read the review in the Boise Weekly