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Public Art at the Boise Airport Boise Idaho
Transport (detail)
wood, boulders, glass, fiber optic lighting
16' x 40' x 16'


Boise Airport, Boise Idaho

Commissioned through City of Boise Arts and History Department

This work was a two part collaboration. The first evolution of this work began in 2004 with Lawrence Ko and was titled Aggregate. The current version was finished in 2009 by me and is now titled Transport.

Visitors get a taste of the local geological richness of the Boise area in this seating element located in a restful space in the airport. The four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water are conceptually represented by the meticulously crafted wood, stones, glass, lighting and architecture of the work. The basalt, granite and lava rocks are encircled by a color changing fiber optic lighting element that soothes the nerves while the upper glass light diffuser captures light from nearby windows, helping to bring the outdoors in. The artworks aims to make a regional connection with nature and bring a sense of calm in the otherwise busy airport.